Loved the package and the design of the book. My daughter loves her refillable diary, and it helped her express herself and emotion better.

Charles (father of Kimberly) ( Father of )

I didn’t expect the book to be so creative and have so many personalised elements. I enjoyed reading it to my baby boy, and I hope he will enjoy reading it on his own one day.

Megan (mother of Oliver) ( Mother of )

The little cloud that follows me around have stolen my child's heart! It is so easy to read and so helpful when it comes to explaining emotions to kids. Very pleased with our Sorcer pack.

Grace (mother of Jay) ( Mother of )

So happy with my wizard pack as a single mom I find it so useful! All you need on a go! And the print effects and quality are supreme!

Laura (mother of Victoria) ( Mother of )

You can feel the magic with the turn of very page my daughter's eyes have been full with excitement from the moment she received her Wizard pack. It’s a supreme quality product and so thoughtfully made to keep the child’s mind entertained. Excellent product.

Michelle (mother of Sophie) ( Mother of )

Finally a book that can explain to kids real life circumstances in a delicate and friendly way! Amazing book!

Elizabeth (mother of James) ( Mother of )

Its so colourful and interactive my little one love the encyclopaedia and quiz! Its a heartfelt story reminds me of the books I grew up.

Chaterine (mother of Jessica) ( Mother of )