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22.11.2019 / Creative mom with terminal cancer releases children's books, explaining life's hardest moments in a fun and loving way

Ornella Kotupanova Sole, a Bulgarian-born graphic designer, based in London, launches two children's books, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer for the second time in 2018, aiming to leave a lasting legacy for her son and other children, who may be struggling with depression and the acceptance of life's hardest moments.

"MIRACLE OF LIFE: Luca the Lion" is the story of a cheerful, full of energy young cub, whose parents separate and later he loses his mother to sickness. The book is written in a child- friendly and fun way, with colourful illustrations on every page. Initially, this was meant to be a private project - an eternal memory Ornella was hoping to leave for her son.
However, she soon realised there are thousands of children around the world, who are going through tough times - family separation, sickness and loss, and they need something light, engaging and easy to understand, to help them make sense of everything that happens in their world.

"The book should tell a story of love because he [Luca] is truly the one I love the most. It will explain things that, even alive, I may have struggled to say out loud." – said Ornella, who also formed a team of volunteers, working on the project and helping deliver her message to more troubled children and struggling families. "I have read a lot of fairy tales and children's books, but none of them covered the circumstances that I found in my life. So, I wrote this book for my son, to help him understand life, love, separation, sickness and loss. However, I realised that many of us are fighting the same battle, and so, I decided to share my story, and I hope it resonates with many of you."

The book is GOLD AWARD honouree in Mom's Choice Awards 2019 and stoled the prize HP INKspiration Award in the category Publishing at this years CEMA 2019.

The second book Ornella wrote is called "The Little Cloud that Follows Me Around". It aims to help children with depression and anxiety understand and manage their emotions better. It teaches them acceptance of who they are and prompts them to see the silver lining of their little grumpy cloud.

"From a young age, I have struggled with depression. The reason was mostly that I always felt like a misfit. I was bullied a lot at school. I always felt misunderstood. All of us have probably been through depression; maybe, we just haven't admitted it." – confessed Ornella, while expressing her message to her son and others. "Love who you are, don't doubt yourself, never forget it can be worse, concentrate on the good, be creative and LOVE LIFE!"
The two stories have already gathered the eyes of mental health officials, social services and media.

NYAS has shown particular interest in the Little Cloud that Follows Me Around as a creative and engaging tool to fight childhood mental disorders and tackle the increasing rates of depression and suicide in primary school children. Each book can be ordered in Braille or Large Print to cater for visually impaired children and their families thanks to the RNIB support.

The official book and company launch took place on the 1st of October 2019. Both books will be available in the personalised version when ordered online, so every child could truly see themselves on the pages. They come in 3 packages with educational and entertaining add-ons - Mage, Sorcerer and Wizard.

The original non-personalised version of both books can be found on our website, Amazon, Kindle, Etsy, Blurb, Foyles and Waterstone.

For more information about the books and to pre-order, please visit www.wizardsoffables.com.

You can listen to our interview on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Surrey by clicking the icon.

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