The Litle cloud that follows me around


“A little book for your children to read, to help them understand sadness, when happiness feels out of reach.”

  • Recommended for ages 6-12
  • 30 pages of storytelling fun
  • Dimensions: 9.25inches x 6.5inches
  • Quality: Our books are printed on thick and superb high quality Recycled paper.
  • Gifting: All our packs come in deluxe casing suitable for any occasion.
  • Ships worldwide

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A true heartfelt story

With a swish of a page, bounce of a pop up, and the rustle of eager little hands,
we want to make our stories yours.


Make it personal by adding your own dedication. We’ll print it at the end of the story for free.

Make sure your book is personalised perfectly to your child - chose and customise your character by picking their hair, eyes and skin colour.


Our special little personalised books aims to be a precious memento for your bookshelf to be passed down, read and revisited for years to come.

Professional Review and Analysis of "The Litle cloud that follows me around"

"The little child, as many out there, experiences different emotions that don’t always make him feel good. They often put a dark stamp on his day and seem to be lingering for a long time, just like a grumpy cloud.

If not explored and dealt with, these strong emotions can turn very negative and manifest as fear, anxiety or anger.

The book teaches children it’s ok to feel all sorts of emotions and to talk about them. The more they get to know these uncomfortable feelings, the better they can manage them. Just like the little child became friends with the grumpy cloud that always followed him around.

In the hands of a caring parent, this book can become a really helpful tool in managing childhood mental disorders and building emotional intelligence from a young age."

Vesela and Blaga Banovi
TOLK Psychoanalytic Institute