Miracle of Life


“A little book for your children to read, to help them understand love and life, when things don’t go as they wished.”

  • Recommended for ages 0-8
  • 46 full coloured pages of storytelling fun
  • Dimensions: A4 ( 11.7inches x 8.3inches)
  • Quality: Our books are printed on thick and superb high quality Recycled paper.
  • Gifting: All our packs come in deluxe casing suitable for any occasion.
  • Ships worldwide

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A true heartfelt story

With a swish of a page, bounce of a pop up, and the rustle of eager little hands,
we want to make our stories yours.


Make it personal by adding your own dedication. We’ll print it at the beginning of the story for free.

Choose from five different animal characters to make sure your book is personalised perfectly to your child. Customise your character by choosing their hair and eyes colour.


Our special little personalised books aims to be a precious memento for your bookshelf to be passed down, read and revisited for years to come.

Professional Review and Analysis of "Miracle of Life"

"The book 'Miracle of Life', is a heartfelt story told through carefully and delicately chosen words and written with great love, which ends with a separation between mother and child. The incredible way in which the story is told will undoubtedly turn the mother's words into support for the child, even when physical contact between them shall no longer be possible.

The illustrations in the book are lively and modern, and they present the story in an accessible and exciting way to provoke a child's curiosity."

Vesela and Blaga Banovi
TOLK Psychoanalytic Institute