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explaining gets tough.
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– The Book –


“A little book for your children to read to help them understand love and life when things don’t go as we wished.”

Age: 0-8
Book Includes: Encyclopaedia & Quiz
Add-ons: Personalised Colouring Book, Puzzle,
Keepsake box and Backpack



Once upon a time…

A mommy was trapped by a terrible disease, and she didn’t know what her fate would be. She wondered what she would do if she couldn’t make it through. She started to worry and think of her son. She wanted things to make sense to him when her life was done. So, she sat down and wrote a book for Luca, her son, to better understand what was going on.
“The book will tell him the story of love because he is truly the one I have loved the most. It will explain things that, even alive, I may have struggled to say out loud.”
This is how “Miracle of Life” came to be the first book of many to be created.



Pick your character, customise it, add a name and a date of birth, write your dedication and voila, your uniquely personalised Wizards of Fables book comes alive!


A truly unique gift

Superior quality personalised books that are created with love and great attention to detail and narrate a heartfelt story inspired by life – an everlasting precious gift.


Shipping Worldwide

We ship worldwide, so children across the world can enjoy our inspiring personalised stories.


How our personalised books work

Slide Pick a character

Choose your favourite animal character.

Slide Personalise your story

Customise your choosen character, add a name and a date of birth, write your dedication and voila, your uniquely personalised Wizards of Fables book comes alive!

Silde Make it extra special

In addition to your unique Wizards of Fables book add exciting extras like a colouring book, a puzzle, a keepsake box or an awesome backpack.

Slide Write your dedication

Write your dedication, place your sonogram and photo capturing a significant moment and turn our unique little-personalised book into a precious memento for your bookshelf, to be passed down, read and revisited for years to come.

Slide Book with a cause

Apart from making children feel special and learn about life, we want to help families living and fighting terminal illnesses as well as donate 100 books each year to kids with sight or other disability. Join our mission by purchasing a book!

We wrote a book to cheer you up because we know it's not always easy growing up.

Book cover: The Little Cloud That Follow Me Around

– The Book –


"A little book for your children to read, to help them understand sadness, when happiness feels out of reach."

Age: 6-12
Add-ons: Refillable Personal Journal, Mood Meter, Parent Manual, Therapeutic Interactive Books and Cosmos Backpack


Oliver By: Megan Mother of Oliver Oliver “I didn’t expect the book to be so creative and have so many personalised elements. I enjoyed reading it to my baby boy, and I hope he will enjoy reading it on his own one day.” Jessica By: Chaterine Mother of Jessica Jessica “Its so colourful and interactive my little one love the encyclopaedia and quiz! Its a heartfelt story reminds me of the books I grew up.” Victoria By: Laura Mother of Victroia Victoria So happy with my wizard pack as a single mom I find it so useful! All you need on a go! And the print effects and quality are supreme! Kimberly By: Charles Father of Kimberly Kimberly “Loved the package and the design of the book. My daughter loves her refillable diary, and it helped her express herself and emotion better.” James By: Elizabeth Mother of James James "Finally a book that can explain to kids real life circumstances in a delicate and friendly way! Amazing book!" Jay By: Grace Mother of Jay Jay “The little cloud that follows me around have stolen my child's heart! It is so easy to read and so helpful when it comes to explaining emotions to kids. Very pleased with our Sorcer pack.” Sophie By: Michelle Mother of Sophie Sophie "You can feel the magic with the turn of very page my daughter's eyes have been full with excitement from the moment she received her Wizard pack. It’s a supreme quality product and so thoughtfully made to keep the child’s mind entertained. Excellent product."


is it for?

We have books for kids at every reading level from beginners to advanced. Our books are created to build a stronger bond between a parent and child and to be equally exciting for both.

is it like?

  • Interactive Personalised Book
  • Magnificent Quality
  • Educational and Child Friendly
  • Free Dedication
  • Precious Memento
  • Book with a Cause
  • Physiologically approved
  • Available in  Braille and Large Print
  • Eco-Friendly

How long
does it take?

Good things take time, so in order to make sure every detail is perfect, it will take up to 21 working days before you get to read your new magical personalised book.

Create a lasting gift that will remind the ones you love the most of how you feel about them for evermore.